A Dedicated Voice for Leon County Families

Throughout her career, Loranne has always worked as an advocate for the issues that matter. She is a clear and powerful voice for our public schools, our state employees and our environment. It’s this fight and passion that has inspired Loranne to continue her public service and lead the effort to solve the problems facing our families here in Leon County.

Strengthening Our Public Schools

Over the last 15 years, politicians in the State Capitol have slashed education funding to the bone, putting more and more pressure on local districts to make up the slack and overworked teachers to do more with less. Loranne will work to put a stop to the millions being spent on high stakes testing and use that money to make necessary investments in our education system, starting with our youngest kids.

Standing Up for State Employees

Florida has the smallest and lowest paid state workforce in the nation. Loranne is a longtime champion for our state employees who will work to make sure our state workers get a long overdue pay raise and safeguard the pension they have earned after years of hard work and dedicated public service.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Florida's natural resources are critical to our economy. Loranne will stand up to those who would rather play political games than preserve the natural resources that help make Florida a great place to live and start a business.

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